In the past few years, there has been a big campaign launched to alert and educate people about Chlamydia. These usually take the forms of a vehicle being parked up in most towns to advise about testing and how easy it is to use one of the handy kits that they give out for free. This is mostly aimed at students as they are thought to be the biggest majority at risk of having unprotected sex.

It has two ways of being defined in that it is a type of STD and also an STI or sexually transmitted illness as well. It has the medical title of Chlamydia trachomatis and is caused by a small piece of bacteria, it is treatable but may cause problems for those who have had it in the future.

It is always referred to as the silent infection as it is not always known that you do in fact have this illness. If it goes untreated it is able to cause high levels of damage to both the male and female reproductive systems. And as before it can be passed from person to person whilst having unprotected sexual relations.


The symptoms of this often unnoticed illness are:

  • Experiencing a burning pain when needing to urinate.
  • Having abdominal pain.
  • The feeling of having a slight fever.
  • Having the urge to urinate more frequently than usual.
  • Men can also have these symptoms along with:
  • Having lots of throat infections.
  • Suffering from rectal pain.
  • Having infertility issues.

If the illness is not treated it can also lead to many problems in the future, for women this includes:

How To Test For STDs

Causing a Pelvic inflammatory disease which is an infection that happens in the reproductive system. This, in turn, can cause severe pain in the pelvis, pregnancy and infertility issues and the risk of developing HIV/AIDS. It is known to cause problems within the fallopian tubes which can cause ectopic pregnancies and stop you conceiving altogether.


Men too can have many problems if it goes untreated:

The illness is able to create huge damage to the actual sperm; it can cause scarring in the actual sperm tract which can make a man become infertile. Along with the risks of perhaps developing other illnesses such as conjunctivitis, inflammation of the urethra, arthritis, and some rheumatologic illnesses.

Tips to help lessen the chance of catching Chlamydia are:

Always use a condom to have sexual relations, in most cases, this will help you to avoid most infections.

Be tested on a regular basis by having regular sexual health check-ups before you have any sexual contact and decide to ditch those condoms.

Be aware of your consumption of alcohol as you do not always make good decisions whilst it is in your system.

Have a relationship with a partner which you know has been tested and has no nasty infections lurking.

By making an effort to limit who you have sexual relations with.

Always being aware and educated of the latest health issues connected with having unprotected sex.