For many years now, the problem of STDs, or sexually-transmitted diseases, has been a major one in different parts of the globe. Reports of thousands or millions of new STD cases that pop up every year are not anything new. With how widespread and prevalent STDs are, it is very important for everyone to learn how to protect themselves against these diseases. Here are some tips:

Use protection. Always.

By using condoms every time you have sex, you are minimizing the risk of contracting STDs from your sex partner or vice versa, if one of you is infected and may not be aware of it.

Be in a monogamous relationship.

Being with one sex partner lowers the chances of you contracting an STD. So, find someone who can be faithful and honest with you throughout your relationship. The more sex partners you have, the higher the chances you may get infected with STDs.

Do not use drugs.

A lot of drug addicts use syringes to inject drugs, and this method is a very easy way to transmit and spread STDs, especially if this paraphernalia are shared among people with STDs.

Get STD tested.

Even if you are not showing any STD symptoms, it is important to still get tested on a regular basis. Get an STD test before starting a new relationship. Get an STD test after ending a relationship. That way, you can detect right away if you have contracted something from others.