For your health, you need to be aware of what is happening in and on your body. Taking an hour a month, in private and with a mirror, will allow you to see the changes you are making in your body (losing weight or toning muscles) as well as let you check for symptoms of many of the diseases- not all sexually transmitted.

Things to check for on your whole body:

  • dark or light spots that seem to get larger quickly
  • cuts that are healing slowly
  • sudden changes in weight (up or down)
  • sores that are leaking fluid, especially bad-smelling fluids
  • tender or hard spots
  • bruising that seems to move from place to place

These are all signs that there is something wrong with your body. They need to be reported to your doctor, to make sure that nothing is seriously wrong. You need to be aware of your entire body, one section at a time, to maintain your health. This is not a time to judge your attractiveness, simply to check your health.


Your hair is an indication of your health. Check it carefully, as well as your scalp. If hair breaks very easily and you do not color or treat it with perms, you need to be aware of this, and let your doctor know. Any bumps that you don't remember or soft spots should be checked.

Your face is one you look at daily, but take the time to examine it for a few moments. Look for white spots under the eyes, and the color of your eyeball. Any dark spots should be checked by an eye doctor- these may show that there is a problem with your eye. Check your eyebrows for spots, as well.

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If you are kissing, check your lips, mouth, and other areas for any small cuts or sores. These could be openings for a virus to get in. Take the mirror, and check the tops of your ears and the back of your neck: these are places where it is easy to miss small cuts or spots.

Working down

You may remember a nurse who reached under your jaw and around your neck: they were checking for swollen glands and node in that area. This is a great place to check for infections. Many times, these glands will swell at the very start of a problem, before you show any other symptoms.

There are many wonderful sites showing breast exams: the rate of men getting breast cancer is rising, so this is important for both genders. Check the armpits, back, and any other area that is difficult to see completely with the mirror.

Check between your legs and your butt. The possibility of seeing something odd is frightening, but your health is important, and this is an easy preventative measure.

Don't forget the back of the legs and the bottom of your feet! You may have tender spots that indicate a sliver has gotten into your foot, or catch a toenail that has broken and needs to be trimmed.