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Staying Away From STDs

What is the best way to prevent getting infected with sexually-transmitted diseases?

The surest way to not get infected with any kind of STD is abstinence. Not having sex will definitely save you from these infections since they are most frequently transmitted through sexual contact. The next best thing is staying committed to one STD-free partner.

How can a sexually active individual protect against STDs?

The use of condoms can lower the chances of contracting STDs. Having only one sex partner at a time can also help. Getting tested for STDs routinely or every time you enter a new sexual relationship is also advised so as to keep track of your health and STD status.

How can you know if you have been infected with an STD?

Being familiar with the common STD signs and symptoms is very beneficial. But, STD testing should also be emphasized to detect the infection much more accurately.

Can you get STDs by holding hands or hugging?

No, you cannot. Casual contact cannot transmit STDs. It is by having direct sexual contact, such as by having oral, vaginal, or anal sex that STDs are contracted.

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Effects of STDs on our lives