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Spotting The Early Signs Of HIV

Numerous distinguished HIV warning signs such as strange weight loss, appetite loss, memory loss, joint pains, diarrhea, and many others manifest around a month after getting HIV. But, the earlier manifestation is usually a skin rash.

What does the skin rash signify when one is HIV infected?

Aside from signaling that a person may have HIV, a rash can also take place because of medication utilized to address HIV. A negative reaction to certain prescription medication or drugs can bring about a skin rash. While it is a vital determining indication of HIV, it is usually dismissed or bypassed by people. From time to time, there can also be a probability of an individual being diagnosed as HIV positive after fighting with an intense skin rash. Skin rash can also appear for other reasons not related to HIV.

With that said, it is important to remember that not all skin rashes are indications of HIV. As described above, skin rashes can be brought on because of many reasons. Thus, proper medical diagnosis of the problem is quite necessary before starting the treatment of it.

Usually, it takes about a week or two for an HIV rash to disappear. If an individual observes a skin rash that is accompanied by any of the previously mentioned warning signs, he or she must talk to the doctor right away so that the proper action can be taken.

How to handle the skin rash

As of the moment, no treatment solution that can completely get rid of HIV has been discovered. Several doctors may prescribe various drugs to alleviate the soreness and itchiness.

Knowing the First Signs of HIV Infection Matters a lot

Health professionals also advise the individual to prevent exposure to severe heat or cold weathers, as it can worsen the rash and itching. Besides this, people must keep in mind that it is always recommended to adhere to precautionary steps to stay clear of HIV infections. Practicing safe sex and keeping away from blood-to-blood contact by any means are the most effective measures to avoid HIV.

Recognizing HIV rash symptoms plays an integral role in the appropriate managing of HIV, as they are one of the determining symptoms of AIDS. However, it should also be emphasized that skin rash does not always indicate HIV. Better consult a doctor and get tested for HIV to precisely know your condition.