HIV is among the dreaded health problems in this day and age. It is a sexually-transmitted disease that affects a person’s immune system, causing deteriorated resistance to other hazardous viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms.
As reported by research data, about three million people were detected to have HIV a few years ago. As of late, greater than thirty million people around the globe are recorded to have been affected by HIV. It is definitely quite worrying, and HIV has now come to be an international outbreak.

Effect of HIV on health

HIV, the instant it attacks a person’s body, leads to the degeneration of that person’s immune system. It then results in the vital bodily organs to operate abnormally. Because of this, the man or woman becomes considerably less capable to attack the other damaging organisms and disease problems that may risk the person’s body.

It is quite crucial that you get tested for HIV and obtain treatment for it before it advances into full-blown Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or AIDS. AIDS, these days, at present, has no identified treatment, and it has already taken away the lives of countless people worldwide.

Transmitting HIV

There are various means to transmit HIV. To begin with, its principal mode of transmission is simply by having unprotected sexual intercourse with an HIV-positive man or woman. The sex could either be vaginal or anal.

A different way to transfer HIV is by blood transfusion. On occasion, HIV-infected blood has found a means to sneak into blood banks. Not knowingly, a blood recipient takes the infected blood in and also grows affected by the health issue. Exposing yourself to open cuts or tissues of HIV-infected individuals is also a guaranteed way of obtaining the infection. That is why make sure to keep your distance from them and be cautious all of the time. Making use of razor-sharp and pointed tools like needles and syringes is also a way of transmitting HIV from one individual to yet another. An HIV-positive mommy can also give the HIV on to her kid while pregnant or childbirth, and if she breastfeeds the infant.

What HIV Testing Methods Are Available For You?

Given that HIV can readily spread, it is imperative for all people to exercise adequate precautionary measures when having sex and dealing with different kinds of items and things. HIV is a disease that can slowly obliterate the body, so we have to always be heedful and understand how to protect ourselves as much as you can actually.