Because Chlamydia often does not trigger symptoms at the early stage, many people are left clueless about whether they have been afflicted with Chlamydia or not. According to reports, around 66% of those with Chlamydia are not aware that they are infected because they do not manifest any sign. This occurrence is very common and can be dangerous because of Chlamydia’s ability to cause various harm to the body.

Preventing infection

Therefore, it is best to always practice safe sex. Chlamydia, or any other STD for that matter, is easily transmittable, so people must know how to protect themselves from other people that may carry the bacteria. Furthermore, certain practices must also be observed to lower the chances and risks of being infected with Chlamydia.

Testing techniques for Chlamydia

Probably the most widely-used testing approach out there today is the Nucleic Acid Amplification Tests or NAAT. Many medical experts utilize it today to correctly diagnose Chlamydia among patients. It is a testing process that makes use of innovating technology so expect to get very reliable results from it.

Another widely used Chlamydia testing technique is known as the direct fluorescent antibody stain. How does it work? Well, it does the job by searching for the Chlamydia antigens, compounds that stimulate the discharge of antibodies that will deactivate and slaughter bacteria It is efficient and is utilized by many health experts as well.

One other Chlamydia testing process is known as DNA probe. It works by locating traces of the Chlamydia DNA inside the body. It is still reliable when it comes to giving dependable results, but numerous medical professionals prefer the first two methods over this.

How Do You Get Chlamydia?

Home test kits

Finally, we have the Chlamydia home test kits. These items are obtainable from pharmacies and medical clinics. They are affordable and can be used by any regular human being. It is designed to allow anyone to conduct the Chlamydia test on their own. They come in a handy package and can generate test results in a matter of minutes.

For people that get a positive test result, they are advised to speak with their doctors right away. There are many dangers and risks that may arise after having been diagnosed positive with Chlamydia. Therefore, an expert and the knowledgeable medical person has to guide you and inform you on what you should do about your medical condition.

Chlamydia patients are immediately given treatment plans in order to get rid of the Chlamydia infection right away.  Consult a doctor on which medication is best suited for you to combat and ultimately eliminate Chlamydia from your system.