Current testing techniques

Today, we have HIV testing techniques that will let to detect HIV infection very early. This is vital for all kinds of reasons since there is a vital time period when the transferring of HIV to someone else is very high, especially for the first month or two after infection, when the quantity of virus in the affected person's bodily fluids is higher than average. The volume of HIV virus in a body fluid is known as HIV viral load and in the beginning could, in fact, be several thousand or millions of replicates of virus in each milliliter of blood or fluid.

Newly infected individuals

While the infection moves along and the newly affected person's body struck with the HIV disease, the volume of virus reduces and that individual becomes, we feel, a lot less infectious. And so for instance, if I were to turn out to be HIV positive as we speak, in around a couple of weeks or so my viral load would be speedily rising and beginning to bump into the millions of copies. I would be extremely infectious to those people I had unprotected sex with.

Examining newly infected HIV positive individuals early on enables us plenty of prospects to impact the end result for the good. We understand from scientific studies that the majority of individuals who are conscious they are HIV positive are willing to refrain from passing HIV on to other people. They surely are not keen to an instance of pandemonium on their part to contribute to their loved ones getting HIV positive as well.

Know The Initial Symptoms Of HIV

There is quite a lot of mix-up about HIV testing which results mostly from the massive advances in our understanding of HIV in the moment since the epidemic commenced and the progression of the technological know-how behind the testing equipment. Consequently, the query as to which is the perfect HIV test relies greatly on the different situations.

The ideal HIV test

The very best HIV test is certainly one that delivers you with a correct and consoling result in a time frame that fits you best. Each one will have a distinct answer to what the best HIV test is since their situations will be a bit different from one another. The major factors to take into consideration are firstly when you were probably exposed to HIV and secondly how frantically you have to know the answer. The exposure duration is vital because it helps us to determine the HIV window interval, which is the time from HIV contamination to diagnosis.