STDs are a big part of the modern countryside we live in today. It is also identified as STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections) or Venereal Diseases, STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases). These diseases are very general and numerous in modern civilization nowadays.  There are many intense religions that have even called these diseases the infection of modern day. These diseases are known to mankind for a couple of years.

What are STDs?

STD is a sexually transmitted disease.  The general way by which this disease is transmitted is through sexual contact. This means that the way by which these diseases are generally passed on is by sexual contact with an infected person with another person. It is not right if we say that this is the only means by which we can attain STDs. There are many further techniques as well; the sexual interaction is just the major cause of transferring the disease. The other methods by which the disease can be transmitted are throughout giving out of needles that are impure or by blood transfusions.  If the pregnant women are affected by this disease it can pass this disease to her unborn offspring as well. Sexually transmitted diseases that are caused by bacteria can easily be cured and treated whereas the STDs that are caused by viruses cannot be cured and treated and for this one should be cautious. The most well known among these viral sexually transmitted diseases is HIV which gradually develops into AIDS.

Who are at the high risk of Getting STDs?

The people who are at the utmost threat that they can easily get STDs are those who have a sexually active life. The persons who are at the high risk of getting STDs are those who perform high hazard behaviors. They don’t practice safe sex. They don’t use condoms whereas practice vulnerable sex with those people who are infected with STDs.  The people who have multiple sex partners and those who often have sex are also included in them. Gays and lesbians are also included.

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How can we reduce the chances of Getting STD?

There are a large number of ways by which you can lessen the probability of getting STD. These ways and techniques can greatly be helpful in reducing the possibility that you can get STD. On the other hand, they don’t offer an ironclad promise that it will provide full safeguard and security adjacent to getting an STD. One way that will help to get rid of getting STD is by not having sex altogether. Sexual asceticism is one and only dependable way with the help of which you never have to face STD but it is obvious that there are large number people as expected will not be able to practice this. So if we apply these methods in the right way then these are after that finest thing that will help you with not getting STD. It is advised that the one who is going to engage in some kind of sexual activities then he should use a condom. It is not guaranteed that by wearing a condom you are safe but it can help in reducing the chances of infection. If the condoms are used in the way then it is a very good protection.