If you know that you are suffering from hepatitis C infection then you should avoid drinking alcohol as both the virus and alcohol are the means by which your liver can be damaged very soon.  If you are suffering from Alcoholic Hepatitis then you must stop drinking otherwise you have to face a high threat of death.

Hepatitis C

The function of Alcohol:

The function of alcohol is to directly interfere with the natural function of the liver that is to eliminate waste in the body. The people who have the habit of drinking alcohol are at a very high menace of getting a keeper of liver diseases in which hepatitis C is also included. Liver disfigurement is approximately an assurance but the one who casually drinks alcohol this is reduced greatly. The people who are alcoholics or are drinkers the scarring of liver turns into very severe conditions that can lead to very serious effects.

How Alcohol Effect The Body?

 Alcohol is very dangerous for life especially for those who are suffering from hepatitis. Alcohol not only damages the liver but it has also very adverse effects on the body. Alcohol not only interferes with the antibiotic and other medications. It can also raise the blood pressure. It can cause interaction with more than the counteract medications that can even be the reason for death, it affects your heart as well.

What do you know about Fibrosis?

Anything that causes the damage to the liver for lots of years can direct the liver to shape scar tissues and fibrosis is the initial phase of liver scarring. The inflammation due to the chronic attack on the liver is also led towards the arrangement of fibrous scar tissue in the liver. As well as Fibrosis is a medical term that is used for the scarring and thickening of the tissue of the liver. This scarring profoundly interferes with the natural processes of the liver. Because of this much more advanced scarring and a serious problem like cirrhosis occurs. This disease is also the result of heavy alcohol drinking.

Why Use A Hepatitis C Rapid Test Kit

What is the link between Cirrhosis and Alcohol? Cirrhosis is an abnormal condition of the liver in which there is irreparable scarring. In this condition, the liver doesn’t function properly due to damage. The scar tissue substitutes by the healthy tissues in the liver and averts the liver for functioning appropriately. The main causes of this disease are the excessive consumption of alcohol, fatty liver disease, viral hepatitis B and C and many others. Alcohol consumption is the major reason as it speeds up cirrhosis. The one who have fibrosis and Hepatitis C significantly increases the possibilities that they will get cirrhosis if they drink heavily and on the regular basis. The people who don’t drink on regular basis and is not addicted to it much have a much lesser probability of getting cirrhosis. Due to alcohol, our immune system is heavily disturbed and gradually weakens. As a result of this alcoholic becomes susceptible to many more diseases.

Hazards of Alcohol is you Consume it on Regular Basis

If you are already facing one or other liver diseases like Hepatitis C, fibrosis, or cirrhosis and you still drinking alcohol this will accelerate the development of these diseases and then it leads towards death. If you wanted a prolong life and wanted to get rid of all the illness and discomfort ness the best thing you can do is to quit the consumption of alcohol.