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Rashes And Syphilis

A syphilis rash is a warning sign of the sexually transmitted disease known as syphilis. Syphilis is passed on from one person to another through sexual contact with an afflicted man or woman, although it can also be transferred by way of blood transfusion. The growth of syphilis mostly takes place in four stages --- primary, secondary, latent and tertiary, in which a rash is a feature of the second stage. In case you are sexually active, it is crucial to fully grasp the signs and symptoms of this sexually transmitted disease, because of its treatment solution, if recognized in the very first stage, is rather efficient.

Causes of Syphilis

Syphilis is brought on by Treponema pallidum, a sort of bacteria. Transmission is most frequently by contact with a syphilitic sore during the course of sexual activity, although an affected mom can also transmit it to a fetus. The incident of a rash denotes that the infection has already gone by the initial or primary stage and evolved to the secondary stage. It is crucial to close off the progression of syphilis at the earliest opportunity, because it can give rise to dreadful consequences in the later stages, and can even be deadly.

Treatment Of Syphilis

If identified in the early stages, syphilis can be properly treated by intake of penicillin. One intramuscular injection can effectively treat a syphilis patient who has had the problem for less than one year. Treatment results in being relatively tough as the illness evolves. Early medical diagnosis, recognition, and treatment are necessary for the treatment of this infection. Similar to any other affliction, deterrence is preferable to medication. With regard to sexually transmitted diseases, abstinence, or a monogamous relationship with an uninfected mate is the greatest solution to prevent contraction. Even though protection through the utilization of condoms is not a procedure that can avoid the likelihood of a syphilis rash, utilize protection as a routine, could cut down the threat of getting a sexually transmitted disease, and give some level of security against contact with a rash or sore.

Syphilis Sores - FAQs

Syphilis and its treatment methods can be a basic process if appropriately diagnosed in the beginning. It's crucial to guide yourself and your mate concerning the problems of this illness and to keep a lookout for warning signs including rashes. Best of all; get medical treatment right away if in any way uncertain.