Some facts you should know about Syphilis

- Syphilis is a common sexually-transmitted disease caused by the bacterium Treponema pallidum.

- The number of syphilis cases in the US has decreased the past few years, but it continues to be among the most prevalent STDs in the country.

- More and more homosexual males are being diagnosed with syphilis over the past couple years.

- The most common way to transmit syphilis from one person to another is through unprotected sexual intercourse.

- People who frequently engage in anal, oral, or vaginal sex without using condoms have greater chances of contracting syphilis.

- A pregnant woman who has syphilis can pass the infection on to her baby.

- There are different stages of syphilis and each one is comprised of various symptoms.

- Early syphilis testing can prevent anyone from suffering serious complications and conditions that can affect their important bodily organs.

- Those who have syphilis can receive antibiotic treatment to get rid of the infection.

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