There are many dangers, risks, and harm tied to the sexually-transmitted disease known as syphilis. Because it has the ability to spread very easily and can bring serious harm and damage to our bodies, we have to undergo a syphilis test the moment, or even before, we notice any of its symptoms.

The sore

Usually, the first symptom of syphilis is a sore known as a chancre. It typically appears in the genital region, rectum, and mouth. It is not painful, and many tend to ignore it due to that. It will be there for at least about three weeks.

A chancre frequently disappears even though you are not free from syphilis yet. You are still infected and if you fail to get diagnosed and treated right away, you move on to the next stage of the disease.

Other symptoms of Syphilis

The next syphilis stage will trigger muscle and joint pains, appetite loss, hair loss, and gland inflammation. The bacteria will then spread and may infect the kidneys, liver, heart, brain, and other major body organs. It can also result in damage to the eyes, and increase the risk for blindness.

Methods of testing for Syphilis

So, you have to test syphilis before it is too late. There are different methods to detect this STD, and one of the most convenient and hassle-free testing technique is the use of rapid syphilis test kits.

Rapid syphilis test kits are designed to test for syphilis in an easy, fast, and private manner. Anyone can use a rapid syphilis test kit and he or she can do it on his or her own, at home, whenever he or she is available.

The Common Syphilis Symptoms

So, to know if you have been infected with syphilis, use a rapid syphilis test kit. Do not wait so long since you may be putting yourself in great danger if testing and treatment are delayed.