How to protect yourself from STDs

The best and most effective way to protect against sexually-transmitted diseases is by not having sex because sex is the most frequent method of transmitting these infections. But, if you cannot do that, here are some more tips on how you can steer clear of these diseases:

1. Use protection every time you have sex. Whether you engage in vaginal, oral, or anal sex, it is important that you use a condom so as to protect against STDs. Always remember to have condoms with you or your partner.

2. Use birth control jelly, foam, or cream. These products can exterminate certain STD germs and organisms.

3. Try to find any common STD symptom on your partner before having sex. Some of the most visible and typical STD symptoms include rashes, sores, and lesions. If you see any of those, ask them about it and do not have sex with them.

4. Talk to your sex partner about their sexual history. It is important to have an open discussion so as to prevent passing on any infection one has to the other.

5. Get tested for STDs. It is imperative that you do this routinely. Go through an STD testing every time you enter a new sexual relationship. It will be better if you can convince your partner to do the same.

6. Have enough knowledge about STDs. Awareness plays an important role here. Being familiar with the STD symptoms, how to test them, how to treat them, etc. can help you a lot.

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