Are you going to get tested for STDs soon? How do you feel? Scared? Terrified? It is normal for people to feel that way since STDs are not exactly things to be happy about. These diseases can bring a lot of harm and danger to anyone who has it, so it is okay to feel nervous. But, despite all these negative feelings, you should not just walk away and forget getting tested. You have to do it for the good of your and your partner's health.

Preparation for testing

Before undergoing STD testing, you may be asked by a medical worker some questions about your sex life. Here are some examples:

  • - How many partners do you have?
  • - Do you use condoms every single time you have sex?
  • - Do you engage in anal, oral, or vaginal sex?
  • - What symptoms have started to appear?
  • - Have you had STDs before?
  • - What symptoms of STDs have you experienced before?
  • - What treatment medications have you taken to treat your STDs?
  • - Does your partner have a history of STDs?
  • - What drugs are you allergic to?
  • - If you are a woman, are you pregnant?

You have to answer all these questions honestly and truthfully to help the medical professional help you efficiently.

Testing for STDs should not be something to be afraid of. Doing it as soon as you can help you get treated at the earliest chance before the worst happens if you test positive.