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Practical Information About HIV Testing

There are numerous sexually-transmitted diseases or STDs prevalent in our society today. One of the most notorious of them is known as Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV. HIV can cause very serious damage to the body once it enters an individual. It weakens the victim’s immune system and triggers several other complications.

In order to know whether you have HIV or not, it is necessary that you get HIV tested as early as possible. The virus spreads fast and it can find its way to other people’s bodies without you or them noticing it. It is extremely crucial that you undergo an HIV test so that you will know what to do if you turn out to be infected with the virus.

HIV testing

It is advised that all of us visit our doctors at least once a year for an annual medical checkup. We really do not know what happens inside our bodies. We may feel like we are healthy, but there are diseases that can silently cause danger and hazards to us without us knowing it. We only realize that we’re sick when it is already too late.

This should also be the case when dealing with HIV. People should make sure that they are regularly tested for HIV. Those that have active sex lives are encouraged to get tested because they are more prone to acquiring the virus. HIV can be transmitted from one person to another primarily through sexual contact, so it just makes sense to have these sexually active individuals get HIV tests.

Why Is HIV Dangerous?

What is interesting about HIV is that it has an incubation period. This means that once the virus enters a person’s body, the person may not exhibit any symptom at all for a period of time. If this is the case, some people would not care to have an STD test because there are no visible reasons why they should.

It should be known that undergoing HIV tests should not be done only when the symptoms surface. People should go out of their way to keep their health in check and their top priority.

Kinds of HIV tests

There are several kinds of HIV tests which people can take. The most common of them all is probably the ELISA test which is done by getting a patient’s blood sample and examining it by looking for traces of HIV antibodies in the blood.

Another kind of test is called the RNA tests which is more expensive and can provide accurate results. It looks for the HIV RNA in the person’s body and can detect it even after only a few days of being infected.