The drug company that created the pills to treat Hepatitis C are looking to cut down the cost of the drugs to allow more people to avail of the said treatment.

Gilead Sciences, the Hepatitis C drug manufacturer, currently sells one pill that can treat Hepatitis for $1,000. This means that if you undergo a three-month treatment plan for Hepatitis C, the entire thing can cost you around $84,000.

Hepatitis C is one of the today's most widespread diseases, with over 150 million men and women, young and adults, affected worldwide. In the United States alone, more than three million people are suffering from this disease today.

Lowering the cost of medication

Because of the negative reactions they received after introducing the $1,000 Hepatitis C pill, Gilead is now in negotiations with drug manufacturers in India to come up with a licensing agreement that would lower the cost per treatment course to only $2,000, which is about 2% of the price in the United States for the entire treatment. If everything goes through, the lower cost would help a lot of people in 60 of the world's low-income nations.

However, activities are still adamant about cutting the prices much lower. They said that the drug can be sold for a lot less, probably between $68 and $136 per 12-week treatment plan.

Because Hepatitis C can be transmitted from one person to another very easily, an effective treatment solution is needed right away. Hopefully, the drug can be more affordable so that the sick can find relief and be cured before it is too late.

What Is Hepatitis?

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