A group of people suffering from the Human Immunodeficiency Virus has recently filmed a video wherein they encouraged other people battling with the infection to receive treatment and medication.

One of the people in the video shared his experience as an HIV victim. He told stories that happened in the 16 years that he has gone through with the diseases. He admitted that he did not receive medication and treatment until about four years ago when his health began to deteriorate. The first decade of his life with HIV was not something to be proud of, he said, as he chose to remain in the dark and ignore what medical professionals advised him. Today, his health is in a better standing and he now has a better relationship with his loved ones.

The other people in the video reminded everyone that HIV is a battle that they do not have to face alone. Families and friends will always be there to support and back them up at this very difficult and trying time.

Dealing with stigma

Furthermore, they said that learning about other HIV patients’ experiences opened up their eyes and broadened their minds. They felt less alone when they learned about the struggles and hardships that other HIV patients endured. They expressed that there are always people around that are ready to help and lift them up.

HIV is one of the most notorious STDs today. It can be diagnosed by testing for HIV early on so that the proper treatment can be administered. Failure to do so will lead to severe symptoms and complications that can lead to the degradation of various important body parts and organs.

Australians Will Soon Be Able To Test Themselves For HIV

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