Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease that is among the most common today. It has several different symptoms for both men and women. Even though it may sound serious and terrifying, there are ways to prevent it and stop from spreading.

If you think you have Chlamydia, you have to undergo Chlamydia testing to know whether you really have it or not. There are various ways to conduct the test.

For Men

There are two main ways to do a Chlamydia test on men. The first one is through a urine test. In this method, the male patient has to produce a fresh urine sample that will undergo the testing. The second one is called a swab test where the doctor will take swab samples from the male patient’s urethra or penis tip using a cotton bud. Both these methods are widely practiced. The urine test is the more popular one because it is easier to do and more convenient. It can give the result within an hour. However, the swab test produces a much more reliable result.

For Women

There are also two main ways to do a Chlamydia test on women. The first one is done using urine as well. The female patient will be asked to produce a fresh urine sample for testing. The second one is also a swab test. The doctor will take swab samples of the female patient’s vagina. Just like the male procedure, the urine test for women also gives the results back faster. On the other hand, the swab test may take up to a week before you can know whether you are positive or negative with Chlamydia.

How Important Is Chlamydia Testing?


If tested negative, patients are still advised to refrain from engaging in any sexual activity for a certain period of time. They are prescribed with different antibiotics to fight off the infection. One of the most common medications is the azithromycin, which is usually ingested once or twice a day.

If tested positive, patients will still have to take antibiotics. They will also undergo several more tests and treatments. The additional exams will be done to verify the first test result and to know how serious their conditions are. They will also be advised to get some treatments that will hasten the eradication of the infection. Chlamydia spreads really fast so they are told to not have sex until the disease is completely gone.

Chlamydia testing is administered by STD clinics, hospitals, and other medical facilities. If you suspect you have it, go to the nearest one in your area before the disease spreads all throughout your body and causes more damage.