Our Elderly Population and HIV

Results from a recent study have found that the older you become the more chance you will have of developing an HIV virus infection. This is both a normal and natural result of your immune system becoming so much weaker than a younger person. It is also known that any virus will purposely look for a person that has a weaker immune system as there is then more chance of it causing a higher state of damage to that person than someone who is much younger and stronger. This will also be the case if you are young or old and already in some kind of ill health.

How to stay healthy

The most common and by far the easiest way to ensure you remain in good all round health is to ensure that you eat a moderately healthy diet by consuming foods that are good for you and will provide your body with all the correct nutrition and vitamins which a body requires to remain healthy. This then will go hand in hand when you also do the correct amount of exercise to keep you at a stable weight, this will then ensure that your body is working in the correct manner and its immune system is at its best to guard you against any germs or viruses that are in the air around you.

So it goes without saying that the older a person becomes the older their body is also, this can then start a rapid chain of events that can lead you to develop certain health illnesses. You may also suffer from reduced mobility which will make it harder for you to exercise as you would have done at a much younger age. This is when those pesky germs and viruses will realize that the time to attack you is at its optimum level to cause the most damage to your body and your surviving health.

Information About HIV

Civic education is important in the fight against HIV

So we must start to educate people when they are younger about the HIV viral disease and the importance of having a healthy diet and lifestyle which will hopefully keep them active longer into old age and help to stave off more germs and any viral infections which in turn will be a better option for their immune system’s. Young people should also be educated in sexual health and learn how they can help to keep themselves STD free and healthy by always making a choice to wear a condom and have protected sexual relations rather than unprotected ones, this is the only true way to keep the infections at a low level or eradicate them completely from the world in which we live.

Please always remember that it is very good practice to consult with your personal doctor before you take on any restrictive diet forms to enable you to lose weight correctly and importantly safely and that you ask for a full health screening if you intend to bring more exercise into your lifestyle.