Chlamydia is noted as the most common among the different types of sexually transmitted disease in the United States. From around the globe, there are estimated ninety million cases of Chlamydia and the number of incidents is still growing steadily.

Symptoms of Chlamydia

The symptoms of a Chlamydia are visible after weeks since the infection broke into the body system. But in general, Chlamydia shows simply no signs or symptoms. Chlamydia is branded as a quiet killer kind of STD. Among the ninety million Chlamydia cases, approximately three-quarters of cases in females and half of the cases in guys stated that affected people experienced no warning signs of the ailment. They are not even conscious that the infection has already got into their human body.

Supplemental and Alternative Treatment Options

Chinese Healing

Garlic can be recommended as a universal immunity-fortifying tonic while bupleurum, Gentiana, angelica, and Coptis is known to reduce the effects of certain signs and symptoms and to keep the sickness from compromising fertility and boosting to absolute PID.


Investigations indicate that the essential oil of red thyme, a soft anti-infective, may be beneficial against Chlamydia. Consult with a medical professional before self-treating.

Healthy Diet and Supplements

Make the major part of your day by day diet plan fresh veggies and fruits. Take in turkey, brown rice, white fish, whole grains, and raw seeds and nuts. Steer clear of junk foods and refined foods, and take in sugar-free drinks and organic herb teas.

Classic Chinese Treatments

Acupuncture with traditional medications, acupuncture is usually employed to lessen the severity of Chlamydia-related pain, fever, and urinary failures and to enhance the immune system.

Be Responsible, Get Chlamydia Tested

Typical Medical Care

A family medical professional, gynecologist or urologist can diagnose Chlamydia with a secretions test. In women, secretions are recovered from the cervix and tested for the occurrence of Chlamydia trachomatis. Due to the fact that Chlamydia is usually asymptomatic, girls should have this test completed during once a year gynecological tests. In men, semen or urethral secretions are diagnosed for the organism. Chlamydia is instantly treated with antibiotics, and indicators typically vanish within two to three weeks. Both individuals have to be cured of the illness, regardless of who is affected by the viral strain.