Reported to be one of the most widespread sexually-transmitted diseases in the United States in the past years, syphilis is notorious for causing signs and symptoms that are dangerous and risky to a person's overall health. Therefore, it is imperative that people protect themselves from this STD at all times.

How Syphilis is mainly spread

Caused by bacteria, syphilis is primarily contracted by engaging in sexual activities with another person who carries the infection. Whether you perform anal, vaginal, or oral sex, the STD can get into your body if you do not use protection.

So, people should be wary when having sex with people. Always use condoms. Try not to sleep around as it is difficult to fully know another person's sexual history and conquests.

The manifestation of the disease

Once a person gets infected with syphilis, he or she will manifest a small, round sore in a number of days or weeks. This sore is hard but painless, and it will appear in the area where the bacteria entered the body. It can be found in the genital region or the mouth area.

After a couple of weeks, if the person fails to get tested for syphilis and receive treatment, the sore will disappear and move on to the next syphilis stage. At this point, it is necessary to properly diagnose the disease.


The easiest and most convenient way is to use a rapid syphilis test kit. You can go online and find online medical shops that sell these devices. Make sure to look for one that offers rapid syphilis test kits that have been tested and certified by various health organizations and laboratories around the world.

Why You Should Undergo Rapid HIV Testing

To buy, you will need a credit card for the transaction to be processed. One rapid syphilis test kit usually costs between 20 and 30 dollars. That is not a lot of money, especially if your health is on the line.