With serious HIV problems going on in the state of New York for the past thirty years, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on November 30, 2018 a plan that will hopefully end the HIV epidemic by 2020.

The state government aims to lower the number of HIV cases in the next ten years, from thousands this year to about 750 in the next decade. If this plan achieves that goal, it will become the lowest number of HIV cases ever reported in New York in decades.

Dealing with the pandemic

According to Cuomo, New York was the focal point of the AIDS and HIV crisis thirty years ago, and it is important they do something about it to end the epidemic and save a lot of lives.

The plan is focused on boosting HIV testing and expanding HIV treatment to reduce new HIV infections. It aims to make testing more readily available and easier to access. It hopes to provide more affordable treatment to HIV victims and to help them continue receiving treatment medications long-term.

Cuomo said the state has started saving the budget for this plan so that by 2020, there will be enough money to take it into action.

HIV is a horrible sexually-transmitted disease that is caused by the Human Immunodeficiency virus and attacks the immune system. It is fatal if not diagnosed and treated at the earliest chance.

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