Males and Chlamydia What You Need to Know

I have chosen to talk about Chlamydia and how it may affect the male of our species because frankly every time I hear the name Chlamydia it is always with reference to females for and foremost and nobody ever thinks that a male would like some information as so all you Males out there this one is for you.

Although Chlamydia is often referred to as the silent STD infection it really is very easy to have treatment for once you realize this is what you or your partner may have. Most of those with the virus can test clear within a week of commencing treatment.

Symptoms in males

Males should be looking out for some pain and discomfort or perhaps a burning sensation when they urinate, you may have a white, cloudy or watery discharge from the tip of your penis and experience inflammation, some tenderness and pain in or around your testicles.


You will most probably be prescribed a seven-day course of Antibiotics to clear up the STD infection, the most popular ones are named Doxycycline and Azithromycin and it is possible that a whopping 95% of you will become chlamydia free with just this one high dosage course of medication. In the event that you may have allergies to this named medication, you do not have to panic as there are alternatives that you will be able to take.

As with all medicines, we will be sure to see a few side effects so if this is the case for you and they are making you feel very uncomfortable you should go back to your health professional to see if you can be prescribed a different brand. The most reported symptoms of the drugs above are, having problems with your breathing, your face, lips, tongue, and throat could swell, you may develop hives, and experience abdominal cramps. It is also advised that you stay out of strong sunlight as much as possible and remember to apply sunscreen, and you should abstain from any normal sexual contact and both oral and anal.

The Dangers Of Chlamydia In Men And Women

Get tested again

Once you have taken the whole course of medication that you were prescribed it would be prudent for you to be tested once more for the chlamydia STD infection to prove that it has totally cleared itself up and that you yourself will know that you have a clean bill of sexual health, I would also advise this for any partners that you may have at the time.

Now that you have that clean bill of sexual health my advice to you would be to do your utmost to stay STD infection free and healthy. If you have many sexual partners to ensure both your and their health, please always remember that safe sex using a condom is the best way to have sexual relations. If you are settled with one particular partner, I recommend that at the beginning of your relationship you should use condoms and once you can prove you are both clean then that is the time to ditch them if you want to do so.