A lot of people would not like for others to know that they are afflicted with a sexually-transmitted disease just like syphilis due to all the negativity acquiring an STD has.Apart from humiliation, a patient must put up with all the ridicule and judgments from many people that he or she is not going to need at this challenging time.

Why you should test for Syphilis

What a syphilis-infected individual really needs at the moment is a syphilis test, particularly if he or she has not been through one yet. The illness can grow into a much more serious complication if it is brushed aside. Someone who is in the early stage of syphilis can get tiny sores showing up around the genital spot. They are not excruciating but will be evident there for around six weeks.

In the next stage, spots of

the red and pink types will begin to appear in numerous regions of the body. They are intense rashes that may at some point change from brown or dark red. The individual will also get fever, exhaustion, and headache. He or she could lose a remarkable amount of weight, and encounter enlargement of the lymph nodes.

Latent Stage

The indicators in the latent stage are determined by whether a patient has got any type of treatment for the health issue or not. If the sufferer is taking drug treatment, he or she might not demonstrate any more warning signs as the first and second stage symptoms are already starting to go away. Or else, the bacteria will find its way to the several other body organs and systems and get started assaulting each of them. The heart, bones, joints, brain, and the nervous system will be placed under so much threat if this occurs. Numbness, paralysis, and dementia are only three of the worst case scenarios the person may well have to go through.

Testing for Syphilis

Upon finding the indications of syphilis, one is urged to talk to a medical doctor right away. There are numerous ways to test for syphilis, and they are made to ascertain the condition of the sufferer. Blood, urine, or saliva samples might be required for evaluation and diagnosis, thus the patient needs to be ready.


The usual treatment for syphilis is penicillin and other antibiotics such as ceftriaxone, erythromycin, and tetracycline. These medicines will work the infection and make sure to remove all the indicators. Pay attention to the side effects that may occur including fever, sweating, headaches, and even more rashes. These are typical, but to be assured, better consult with your doctor about this.

Overview On Chlamydia Tests

Affected individuals who are in the latent stage will need to submit to treatments that are longer and more intricate. They might really need to have a series of blood tests and follow up tests. In this situation, prevention continues to be the best treatment. Use safe sex and get tested on a regular basis particularly if you are sexually active. If you already had the infection before, avoid having sex for a while since there is a great chance that the problem will relapse.