The dangers of Chlamydia

Tremendous caution ought to be practiced since seventy-five percent of Chlamydia cases are proven to not have any kind of indicators in the least. This should serve as a big warning to people who are at high risk of getting Chlamydia. Sexually-active people are urged to take a Chlamydia test. Research has revealed that out of all the sexually-transmitted diseases or STDs documented in the UK region each year, around one-third of these are Chlamydia cases. In the USA, greater than a million cases are documented each year, rendering it the most typical bacterial STD in the nation.

Although it looks like health agencies are monitoring the rise in a number of Chlamydia accounts, there are still over two million incidents that are left undiagnosed and ignored, as reported by a research.

How Chlamydia is acquired

Chlamydia can be acquired in several ways. An affected man or woman can pass it on to someone else by way of sex, whether it is anal, oral or vaginal. A mommy who is affected by the infection can pass it on to her new baby.

One record states that women, specifically the young ones, are more at risk of getting infected with Chlamydia since their cervixes have not attained total development just yet. Furthermore, any individual who has been with several sexual partners has better odds of getting afflicted with Chlamydia or some other STDs.

Symptoms of Chlamydia

A burning sensation during urination can be sensed by women if they have Chlamydia. There is also a lumpy emission, fever, light bleeding, painful sexual intercourse, stomach and lower back aches and pains. Likewise, the burning sensation also is typical among males with Chlamydia. From time to time, there will be pain or soreness in their testicular area.

Chlamydia Test Kit

We must always follow caution when having sex given that we have not a clue if our partners are afflicted with an STD just like Chlamydia. We should always bear in mind our health is very important to be able to accomplish our daily activities.

For anybody who is enduring several of the warning signs stated previously or if you are sexually active, just remember to check out the local clinic or hospital and undertake a Chlamydia test. These types of places offer the test without spending a dime, so there is actually nothing to lose in terms of preserving your health and body.