Statistics divulge that nearly three-quarters of the individuals with Chlamydia are not aware that they have the illness. Is there a reason this takes place? Because Chlamydia does not frequently exhibit obvious symptoms. It is destructive to the female reproductive system and can lead to infertility. If you think that you may have it, or if you know a person who may or has it, visit a health care provider as soon as possible.

Tests for Chlamydia

For quite some time, health professionals have spent many years and money trying to find ways to effectively and accurately recognize and test Chlamydia.

The Nucleic Acid Amplification Tests or NAAT is the most widely-used testing procedure that health professionals make use of currently. It looks at the DNA of the patient really cautiously to identify more exactly what is going into the patient’s body. It makes use of quite innovative tools and apparatus that can check out microorganisms not clear with the naked eye.

The next method designed for Chlamydia testing is referred to as the direct fluorescent antibody stain. It works by hunting to get the Chlamydia antigens, substances that switch on the launch of antibodies that will combat and massacre them.

The method called DNA probe is also among the widely used ones, and it locates trails of the Chlamydia DNA in the body. However, it is not as exact as the NAAT.

Home test kits

Additionally, there are home test kits conveniently accessible in many drug stores and health clinics at this point. They are used to uncover whether you are affected by Chlamydia, in your own home, in your own special time. It is certainly less powerful as the other methods, but it is acceptable to inform you if you indeed have the infection or otherwise.

How Do You Know If You Have Chlamydia?

What to do after testing

Once you get hold of your test results, get ready on how to carry on next. Getting a negative implies you do not have the illness. But as a preventive measure, try your best to have a healthy lifestyle here on out. Then again, if you get a positive test result, check with your doctor and take note of what he or she wants you to complete next. The Chlamydia treatment procedures will likely begin with you taking medications until nearly all warning signs and tracks of it have vanished.

Undiagnosed and ignored Chlamydia is quite detrimental. It makes an individual seriously prone to get infected with other STDs, and HIV. both males and females are at hazard of it so one and all need to be sure of their health regimens.