You may already know how common sexually-transmitted diseases are today. They have victimized several millions of people around the world, and I am sure the current number will continue to increase every year until we find an efficient way to stop them.

Why we should be wary of STDs

STDs are contagious and they can be transmitted in various ways. They are primarily passed on from one person to another through sexual contact and exchange of infected bodily fluids. Moreover, they can also be transmitted from an infected pregnant woman to her child.

All of us can contract STDs if we are not careful of the things that we do in our daily lives. Like what I said earlier, these diseases are transmitted by having sex with an STD-infected person. So it just makes sense to be more cautious when choosing who we are going to sleep with. Having multiple sex partners puts us at higher risk of contracting STDs because there is no way we can find out the sexual history of all the partners that we are having sex with before we have sex with them. Also, using condoms and other kinds of protection during sex helps a lot in shielding these viruses and bacteria from entering our bodies.

Why is it important to test for STDs?

The importance of STD testing cannot be emphasized enough. Testing for STDs is a no-brainer especially if you have an active sex life. You never know if your partner is cheating on you or has a history of STDs. Therefore, STD testing is one of the smartest ways to protect your self.

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STD testings are conducted at hospitals, STD centers, and other health facilities. People who undergo an STD test are required to give a body fluid sample, usually, blood, to the laboratory. The sample will then be examined and analyzed for hints and signs that an STD bacterium or virus has found its way in a person’s bloodstream.

This method of testing will take several days, weeks, or months before the results will be given back to you. It also costs quite expensive. But these do not really matter much because you need to know the real condition of your health, and these STD tests are efficient in determining whether you have STDs or not.

Alternatively, for those that prefer to undergo an STD test in private, they can purchase home STD test kits from online websites or over the counter. These STD home testing kits are relatively easy to use, and you can perform the STD test in the comfort of your own homes.