Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease that is one of the most widespread nowadays. It has many different signs or symptoms for both males and females. Despite the fact that it is dangerous and scary, there most certainly are ways to avoid it and cease from spreading.

If you believe you have Chlamydia, you must undergo Chlamydia testing to recognize whether or not you really have it. There are several strategies to carry out the test.

For Males

There are basically two primary methods to do a Chlamydia test on males. The first one is by means of a urine test. In this process, the male patient has to deliver a fresh urine sample that will go through the testing. The second one is known as a swab test wherein the doctor is going to take swab samples from the male patient’s urethra or penis tip with the use of a cotton bud. Both of these strategies are commonly used. The urine test is the more widely used one since it is simpler to perform and more convenient. It can provide the result within approximately an hour. But, the swab test generates a much more dependable result.

For Females

There are also a couple of methods to perform a Chlamydia test on females. The first one is conducted by using urine also. The female patient will be requested to produce a fresh urine sample for assessment. The second one is also a swab test. The medical doctor will take swab samples of the female patient’s vagina. Similar to the male process, the urine test for females also provides the results back more quickly. On the contrary, the swab test may take up to seven days before you can know whether you are positive or negative with Chlamydia.

Treatment Method

If tested negative, patients will still be urged to abstain from engaging in any kind of sexual activity for a specific time period. They are prescribed with various antibiotics to fend off the infection. Among the most typical medications is the azithromycin, which is consumed once or twice per day.

If tested positive, patients will still have to get antibiotics. They will also go through a few more tests and treatments. The supplementary exams will be carried out to confirm the first test result and to understand how serious their conditions are. They will also be urged to obtain some treatments that will expedite the elimination of the infection. Chlamydia spreads very quickly so they are told to not have intercourse until the infection is entirely eliminated.

Complications Of Chlamydia In Women

Chlamydia testing is implemented by STD treatment centers, clinics, and other healthcare facilities. If you think you have it, head to the closest one in your town before the infection spreads all throughout your body and brings about more harm.