Interesting facts about syphilis


Syphilis is a sexually transmitted infection or commonly known as STI, which is caused by a bacteria that invades your body and infects it. Syphilis can be transmitted in numerous ways, but the most common ones are those connected with the high-risk sexual behavior, like practicing unsafe sex, changing sexual partners too often, or taking drugs by sharing the injections with people who have already been infected with syphilis bacteria.  This sexually transmitted infection can also be transmitted through kissing if one of the persons involved in the act has an open wound in or around the mouth, or through oral sex. There are certain common symptoms that are present when a person is infected with syphilis, which can go from low risk to high risk, depending on the stages the bacteria is in at the time of the infection.

Symptoms of Syphilis

There are three main stages of syphilis infection. The first is called the primary one and involves less dangerous and more common symptoms of syphilis infection, such as small wounds on the skin which are painless, and this stage usually lasts for three weeks after you have been exposed to the infection. The second one, the secondary stage, involves more severe symptoms like you are having the flu, for example. So, you can get a fever, be very tired and exhausted, have severe migraines, or you can experience losing your hair or painful lymph glands. After this stage, the tertiary stage is basically the stage in which the infection is at its worst, so to speak, and the bacteria attacks your whole body, your nervous system, immune system and overall every part of your body. This process can cause the rapid degradation of your health system, and it can cause blindness, some sort of paralysis, insomnia and a lot of mental problems.

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Treatment of syphilis

A few tests can detect the syphilis bacteria in your body, but the most common one is testing your blood for the signs of the infection. At an early stage, syphilis is usually treated with heavier antibiotics like penicillin, which eliminates the infection, or the bacteria that causes the infection from your body. If you are infected with syphilis, you should take some precautions in order to prevent spreading it to other people. You can do that if you do not have sexual contact of any kind while your treatment is in progress because not even a condom at this stage will save your sexual partner from getting infected with syphilis. If you, on the other hand, are a healthy individual who wants to avoid getting infected with syphilis, you should also take certain precautions. Do not practice unsafe sex, try not to have multiple sexual partners and if you are a drug user, do not share injections with anyone, because you never know who might be infected with syphilis, or with some other sexually transmitted disease. It is your health that is important, as that is the only thing that keeps us alive so that we can enjoy our life to the fullest.