According to statistics, the number of HIV victims continually increase every year. For instance, in the USA, more than 300,000 men and women are afflicted with this virus and they, unfortunately, are not aware of that.

Because of how fast and easy it is to transmit HIV, everyone is warned to always be careful so as not to contract this disease. There are several health awareness programs in HIV today, and they all aim to spread more information and awareness of the virus so that people can protect themselves against it.

Rapid testing

One of the most important points of HIV awareness is the role of HIV rapid testing. Testing for HIV is a must since it is the way which we can know if you really have HIV.

Benefits of rapid testing

There are many ways to test and diagnose for HIV, and one of the relatively newer ones of HIV rapid testing. This particular technique offers a wide range of benefits, so everyone is encouraged to use it.

HIV rapid testing makes use of rapid HIV test kits which are designed to allow anyone to perform the HIV test on his or her own. There is no need to drive to a hospital or drop by a medical clinic. Rapid HIV test kits can be used at home and can provide an accurate test result in just 15 minutes.

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HIV Rapid Testing Overview