STDs, or sexually-transmitted diseases, are very prevalent nowadays. They can strike anyone --- men, women, kids, babies, teenagers, and adults. Because of that, it is important that everyone is warned about its dangers so that they can protect themselves against them.

How Bacterial STDs spread

STDs are caused by different types of microorganisms, such as bacteria. These bacterial STDS are transmitted from one person to another usually through:

  •  unprotected sex
  •  from an infected mother to her baby

Get tested regularly

So, it is necessary to use protection every time you engage in sexual activities. All sexually active people are advised to get tested for STDs on a regular basis to be able to detect the infections right away. Pregnant women should get an STD test a couple of times during their pregnancy to know if they are infected and to have the chance to save their babies from contracting these diseases.

Those that undergo STD testing and received positive test results should talk to their doctors right away to know how to cure the infections.

Usually, bacterial STDs are treated using antibiotic medications. There are different types of antibiotics used for the treatment of STDs. Sometimes, certain doses of penicillin may be prescribed. Other times. Other times, if a patient is allergic to penicillin, other types of antibiotics may be administered.

Get tested for STDs at the earliest chance to be able to cure it right away and avoid all the complications and dangers they can bring.