Just like other sexually transmitted diseases, unsafe practices increases the development of syphilis. The method to avoid the spread of syphilis is comparable to that of other sorts of diseases which are transmitted by means of sex. Basically, you must observe the ABCs of preventing syphilis which happens to be: to Abstain, Be faithful, and use Condoms.

Syphilis does not spread by means of making contact with toilet seats, doorknobs, utensils, clothing, swimming pools, hot tubs, or bathtubs. No matter if the bacterium were found in these areas, it is a delicate microorganism that could not last in those conditions which means that it presents essentially zero risks to people in these manners.

Primary syphilis

• Infection advances to the second stage with no treatment.
• Chancre usually lasts three to six weeks and heals with no treatment.
• The appearance of one solid, tiny, circular, not painful sore or several sores at the site of access.

Secondary syphilis

• The rash could be faint in appearance and proceed unnoticed.
• Development of an uneven non-itchy rash (generally reddish or reddish brown spots).
• The rash may differ in features on some other parts of the body.
• The rash can occur as chancre is healing or perhaps might take weeks to show.
• Rash basically appears on palms of hand and bottoms of feet (could happen in other areas of the human body).

More non-specific signs or symptoms can also be encountered:

• fatigue
• fever
• muscle aches
• swollen lymph glands
• weight loss
• sore throat
• patchy hair loss
• headaches

Latent syphilis

• May develop to tertiary syphilis within a 12 month period or might take several years.
• Asymptomatic.
• The Hidden phase of infection following the disappearance of secondary signs or symptoms.

Tertiary syphilis

Tertiary syphilis leads to harm to internal organs which include the human brain, nervous system, eyes, cardiovascular system, blood vessels, liver, bones, and joints.

Signs and symptoms consist of:

• paralysis
• difficulty coordinating muscular movements
• numbness
• dementia
• gradual blindness
• death

Hardly any efficient vaccine is obtainable to stop this infection, and the acquisition of syphilis is not going to confer any kind of immunity upon the affected person. Thus, you possibly can obtain syphilis several times in the course of your life even after the affected individual has received appropriate medical treatment for it.

Spotting Syphilis