Q: What are STDs?

A: STDs stand for sexually-transmitted diseases. They are medical conditions that are caused by bacteria, viruses, and other types of organisms. There are many kinds of STDs that are prevalent today, and they have already infected millions of people all over the world.

Q: Who can get infected with STDs?

A: Everyone can get infected with STDs. Young children, teenagers, adults, males, and females --- all these people are at risk of being afflicted with these diseases.

Q: How can people contract STDs?

A: The number one way to contract STDs is by having sex with someone who has an STD. Any kind of sexual activity --- oral, vaginal, or anal --- can put people in danger if they engage in these things with someone who carries the infection.

Also, some STDs can be passed on from a pregnant mother to her child while pregnant or upon delivery. Receiving infected blood during blood transfusion can also make it possible for the STD to be passed on from one individual to another.

Q: What should people do to prevent STDs?

A: The best way is to abstain. Since sexual intercourse is the primary method of STD transmission, people who do not have sex are the least likely to contract these STDs.

For those that do not want to abstain, they should always use protection when having sex. Also, stick to one partner and minimize having sex with random strangers.

Q: What should people do if they think they have an STD?

A: Get an STD test! There are many different ways to test for STD, so the moment you feel that you might have been infected, see a doctor right away so that you can get a proper diagnosis and treatment.

What Causes STDs?

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