Sexually-transmitted diseases are very common nowadays, and they can infect anyone, regardless of age, gender, race, etc.

Men getting infected with STDs

STDs in men are at a high number in many parts of the planet. Those that engage in unprotected sex are very likely to get infected or spread the disease to others. Having multiple sex partners is also a contributing factor in passing the infection on to more people.

If you are a male, you have to be careful and responsible when making decisions on sex. STDs can cause a lot of serious harm and damage to your body, especially if they are not detected and diagnosed at the earliest chance.

Testing for STDs

STDs have to be tested as soon as you can. They can spread to the major bodily organs and result in severe complications, if not discovered and treated promptly.

You can start by checking for visible symptoms on your penis. Are there sores, rashes, lesions, or bumps? Do you feel any itchiness around your genital or anal region? Does it hurt when you urinate? Do you experience any flu-like symptoms lately?

There are different ways to test for STDs. You may be asked for a urine sample, swab sample, or blood sample, depending on what test you are taking.

If you want privacy without compromising the accuracy of test results, you can use a rapid STD test kit.