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How To Screen For HIV

HIV screening tests and diagnostic procedures are made for checking the behavior of the HIV antibodies within the body of the victim. They have been recognized to offer valuable and precise medical diagnosis for quite some time now. In spite of this, there may be cases when the regular techniques will demonstrate inadequacy, and so the help of the least preferred techniques are tapped.

What are the ELISA test and Western Blot test?

ELISA is a technique that is the most widely used and most patronized of them all. It needs a patient’s blood sample which will be analyzed for hints of HIV antibodies. It is executed alongside a confirmatory strategy called the Western Blot. These two procedures require cutting edge technology and are far pricier as compared to the others.

In case the Western Blot test is unable to recognize the occurrence of the antibodies, scientists can have a shot at a different confirmatory method referred to as the Radioimmunoprecipitation Assay. It makes use of a higher level diagnostic tool that will search for the antibodies left out by the Western Blot test. It would, of course, cost the patient even more and necessitate a much longer length of time to provide results. Only professional lab mechanics could execute the test.

What is Rapid Latex Agglutination Assay?

For those of you that are on a tight budget, the Rapid Latex Agglutination Assay is a different option that is not as complicated and expensive as the other strategies. It is perfect for developing locations that are seeking an efficient HIV screening strategy minus the sky-high costs.

Know The Initial Symptoms Of HIV

What are home HIV screening tests?

There are also home HIV screening tests intended for people that value their private space. In the Great Britain, the use of home screening tests was introduced a while back. In such a case, the sufferer is asked to supply to the laboratory a sample of his or her saliva. Although the task is less challenging, they say that saliva is not a highly dependable specimen to recognize the HIV antibodies. They still feel that blood samples are a lot more beneficial for this process.

It can be quite expensive to undergo all these exams. And that is why it is so much better to prevent the attack of HIV to your body as opposed to getting afflicted with it and look for strategies to treat it. Always bear in mind to utilize protection when having sexual relations, and only attempt to live a kind of lifestyle that will not put you at risk for these kinds of health concerns.