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How To Know If You Have Hepatitis B

Do you know how to determine if you have Hepatitis B even before undergoing a Hepatitis B test? Are you familiar with the most common signs and symptoms of Hepatitis B?

Hepatitis B is one of the most prevalent Hepatitis diseases today. It is brought about by the Hepatitis B virus and is known to cause various harm and damage to the liver. If you are scared of contracting it and want to know how to spot it, here are the most typical Hepatitis B symptoms:

Fever - this might happen shortly after the virus gets into your body. However, since fever is a symptom common to many STDs and other illnesses, a lot of people usually disregard it.

Dark urine - this one is not really a very reliable indicator of Hepatitis B, but if it happens along with the other symptoms, you should be careful.

Appetite loss - many STDs have this symptom and when this occurs, it should tell you that there is something wrong with the body.

Fatigue - if you get tired or exhausted very quickly, even after doing a minimal physical activity, then that is not normal and can point to having Hepatitis B.

Jaundice - this condition is characterized by the yellowing of the skin and the eyes. This is probably the most important symptom of Hepatitis B to watch out for.

Hepatitis B – What is Hepatitis B?