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How To Know If You Have Been Infected With Chlamydia

In the United States, Chlamydia has become the number one sexually-transmitted disease, with several thousands of people getting infected every year. It is an infection that is caused by bacteria that is very easily transmitted from one person to another through sexual intercourse.

Signs and symptoms of Chlamydia

Because of the many dangers and risks tied to Chlamydia, it is imperative that people know how to tell if they have contracted the disease. The following are some of the most common Chlamydia signs and symptoms to watch out for:

  • Pain when having sexual intercourse (women)
  • Unusual discharge from the penis or vagina
  • Peculiar fluid coming out of the rectum
  • Pain when urinating
  • Lower abdominal pains (women)
  • Inflammation of the liver, fallopian tubes, and cervix (women)
  • Bleeding after engaging in sex (women)

Testing immediately you see warning signs

The moment you manifest any of these symptoms, it is a must to undergo Chlamydia testing right away. Testing for Chlamydia at the earliest opportunity will help diagnose the disease early on before it triggers some more severe and more serious complications.

You can go to a medical clinic or STD health center to get a Chlamydia test. Alternatively, you can use a rapid Chlamydia test kit to conduct the testing on your own, at home, with more privacy.

You can purchase rapid Chlamydia test kits from STD Rapid Test Kits online by using your credit card. These test kits have been tested and certified by medical professionals so expect to get highly accurate and fast results in just 15 minutes.

Chlamydia Testing – Diagnosing Chlamydia ASAP