Research has shown that out of all the sexually-transmitted diseases or STDs documented in the United Kingdom annually, around 30% of those are Chlamydia cases. In America, over a million cases are documented on an annual basis, making it the most widespread bacterial STD in the land.

Many health organizations and departments are monitoring the boost in a number of Chlamydia records, but there are still over two million cases that are left undetected and undiagnosed.

How Chlamydia is spreading fast

There are many different ways to acquire Chlamydia - from a mother to her baby, from one person to another by performing sex (anal, oral, or vaginal), and so on.

One report claims that women, particularly the young ones, are more prone to getting infected with Chlamydia since their cervixes have not reached full progress yet. Additionally, any person who has been with more sexual mates has higher probabilities of getting affected by Chlamydia or other STDs.

Some symptoms of Chlamydia

In girls, a burning sensation during urination can be sensed if they have Chlamydia. There is also light bleeding, lumpy emission, and in even worse instances, painful sexual intercourse, fever, abdominal and lower back pains and aches.

In males, the burning sensation is as well usual. At times, there will be pain or soreness in the testicular area.

Serious caution must be observed because 75% of Chlamydia situations are believed to not have any kind of signs and symptoms by any means.

Impact of Chlamydia on general health

As soon as the bacteria find their way into the cervix of females, they spread out to the other regions of the female reproductive system, to the fallopian tubes. Sometimes, they will locate their way to the rectum. It is essential that females find time to take a Chlamydia test to prevent severe complications. Untreated of the STD could lead to everlasting scars in the cervix, fallopian tubes, and uterus. It will also result in PID or pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy, and infertility.

Chlamydia In Males

Everyone is also prone to contracting Reiter's syndrome, which is an uncommon type of arthritis. It triggers painful wounds and the soreness of the urethras and the eyes.

We must always follow extreme caution when having sex mainly because we have no idea if our partners are affected with an STD like Chlamydia. We must always keep in mind that our health is vital to be able to conduct our day-to-day plan.