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How Soon Should You Get Tested For Chlamydia?

Sexually active men and women should consider undergoing a Chlamydia test. This sexually transmitted disease is one of the most common in the world. Dubbed as the “silent disease,” Chlamydia is able to sneak into the human body and spread without any detection because it can do all those damages without showing any symptoms.

Cases of Chlamydia infection in 2007 in the USA

In 2007, reports show that almost 122,000 people have been infected with Chlamydia in the US. That number rose, a year later, to more than 123,000. In 2008, it was learned that 65% of all reported cases were men and women aged between 16 and 24 years old. In the United Kingdom, it comprises 30% of all the reported cases of STDs every year.

High-risk groups

Everyone is at risk of contracting this STD. No one is safe. Reports say, young women, particularly the teenagers, are more likely to have the disease because their cervix has not yet reached the complete development and maturity. Also, those who are into engaging in sexual intercourse with several partners are more likely to get Chlamydia.

How Chlamydia is spread

Unprotected sex is the number one reason for getting infected with Chlamydia. Whether it is anal, oral, or vaginal, once a bodily fluid during sex that carries the infection finds its way to another human’s body, that other person will automatically carry the disease.

It is very important to get tested for Chlamydia to receive the right treatment for this infection. There is no reason to wait and ignore all these. Testing Chlamydia should be your top priority.

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