HIV can be contracted in various ways. The following are the most common among them: sexual intercourse, sharing needles with an HIV-infected man or woman, blood transfusion, and from an HIV-positive mother to her baby.

People who are suffering from HIV are in danger of getting AIDS in the long run. These two diseases are connected in the sense that their symptoms, related infections, cancers, and other issues are common.

Why you should test for HIV as early as you can

In many instances, lots of people may overlook various HIV symptoms and look at it as practically nothing critical, so they basically end up forgetting about it and find that they are suffering from something destructive when it is already too late for them. As a result health professionals advise people, specifically the sexually-active ones, to have an HIV screening test.

It is important to screen HIV as soon as you can. Early medical diagnosis of the infection helps prevent a patient from many dangerous negative effects of HIV or AIDS. With early HIV screening, one can know if he or she is battling with HIV and can get treatment for it at the earliest opportunity.

Various testing techniques

Urine tests, oral tests or swab tests, and blood tests are the most typical methods to screen for HIV. The objective of the test is not to recognize the presence of HIV itself, but to see whether there are tracks of HIV antibodies released by the immune system to stop the virus. It is possible for an HIV patient to have a negative test result if his or her immune system cannot really produce sufficient antibodies to shield his or her body.

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The human body may take between three weeks and three months before it could make enough antibodies in this situation. After this length of time lapses, an even more specific test result can be obtained. An HIV patient needs to practice great care to not go around with his or her old interpersonal ways as he or she is a carrier of a highly critical type of virus.

It is really necessary for people to know that screening for HIV plays an important role. Being diagnosed with HIV is not a good thing, but if it is done early on, the medical professionals can probably do something to help alleviate some of the symptoms and slow down the virus.