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How One Can Get AIDS

In many countries around the world, the disease known as AIDS is among the most notorious and widespread. It is related, in a way, to another infamous illness, we know as HIV. Both these medical ailments are known for their harmful and dangerous nature.
According to reports, AIDS ranks number one in the most deadly diseases in the US, and most of the victims fall under the 25 years old – 44 years old category. Not only that, AIDS has also infected more than fifty million people in other parts of the planet, and it is predicted that it will continue to have more victims as the years pass.

It is important to be aware of the fundamentals on AIDS. By being so, one is spared from the risks of getting afflicted with AIDS and also can have the correct information on how to avoid and put a stop to it.

How HIV is transmitted

There are various ways to transmit AIDS from one person to another. First, it is primarily passed on to another man or woman through sexual intercourse. Having sex with an AIDS-infected person will endanger you of having AIDS as well. Therefore, it is a must to be careful when it comes to your sexual conquests. Always use protection. Try to minimize the number of people that you have sex with.

Another important thing to know is that an AIDS-infected mother can also pass the disease on to her child. The fluid exchanged mother and infant during pregnancy can put the child at risk of getting AIDS. Also, breastfeeding can make the child get the disease.

What Treatment Options Do AIDS Patients Have?

Warning signs of AIDs that you need to know of

It really is necessary to have as much info on AIDS as you can. Apart from knowing the common ways of transmission, it is also vital to know its common symptoms. Some of these noticeable warning signs of AIDS are weight loss, chills, flu, night sweats, swollen glands, fever, and exhaustion.

It is imperative to get tested for HIV or AIDS as soon as you notice the symptoms. Visit your doctor right away to get tested and to receive appropriate medical attention. Right now, there is no known successful cure for AIDS, so it is of very high significance to protect ourselves from it.

AIDS is a very hazardous disease that people must stay away from. To learn more about it, you should talk to a medical expert and put in mind the various ways on how to shield yourself against its dangers and harm.