Known to be a prevalent STD for the past several years, the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, or HIV, is one disease that has to be taken seriously. It can be easily transmitted from one person to another and can trigger various levels of harm and injury to the human body.

 How HIV is spread

There are several methods to spread HIV. Many of them are for real, and the others are simply misguided beliefs. When I was young, I discovered people around me claim indignantly that only gay males can get HIV. It is not accurate. If you examine the HIV data releases that we have now, the affected individuals are diversified. Anyone can be affected by HIV, without regard for social status, ethnicity, age group, citizenship, height, weight, sex, and others.

Having unprotected sex is reported to be the number one mode of HIV transmission. If someone gets involved in sexual intercourse with an HIV affected person, he or she will also acquire the virus. The body fluids existing during the sex function as carriers of the virus. And so whether it is anal, oral, or vaginal, having sex with a person who is HIV positive will result in you getting the ailment also.

Another way to get HIV is through blood transfusion. Many years ago, people who donated blood failed to really go through an HIV test to examine if their blood is pure. Things evolved when they discovered that the people who acquired the infected blood end up getting positive for HIV. Today, any person who would like to donate blood is needed to get tested for HIV.

Important HIV/AIDS Recommendations for the Infected and Uninfected

A pregnant woman who is diagnosed HIV positive will pass on the infection to her unborn kid. While being pregnant, they share essential nutrients and blood and other bodily fluids, so it only seems right that the virus can journey from the mother’s system to the child’s. Luckily for us, there is a technique to not transmit the virus to the infant. The anti-HIV medication known as zidovudine or AZT has been shown to prohibit the virus infecting the kid.

 Prevent HIV infection

Maybe with the facts and information above, several of us can open up our minds and understand how critical, and even deadly, HIV is. We must all look after our health and be sure to be mindful anytime we do things. Having HIV puts you in a critical situation, so you better do your best to avoid it.