The HIV virus is spread in various ways. These are the more common ways of transmitting the virus:

Sharing Needles

People who are addicted to illegal substances such as weed, cocaine, and others are more likely to get AIDS because they often use the same needles to inject the drugs into their own bodies. If at least one of them is already infected with AIDS, the others who inject the used needles to themselves will surely acquire the disease as well.

Sexual Intercourse

Another way to get AIDS is by having unprotected sex with an HIV or AIDS patient. The disease can be transmitted from one person to another through sexual contact. Whether you have oral, anal, or vaginal sex with an HIV or AIDS infected person, expect to have the virus inside your body in no time..

Blood Transfusion

There may be instances when an HIV or AIDS infected person does not know that he or she is sick with the disease. Maybe because he or she has not undergone any HIV or AIDS test to verify his or her condition. If this is the case, they are very likely to go on with their normal lifestyles without knowing that they are sick. They may continue to donate blood and pass on the virus to other people unknowingly. Aside from that, the needles or injections used on them may be used by other people. These situations are quite alarming as the virus can enter the body and cause destruction as soon as it is inside.

Why Is An HIV Screening Test Necessary

Pregnant mother to unborn child

A pregnant mother who carries the HIV or AIDS virus can pass the disease to her unborn child. Over the years, more and more babies are born infected with the virus because of infected women who are unaware of their conditions. There are instances when an HIV positive mother gave birth to a healthy baby. If this is the case, do not let the mother breastfeed the baby as the milk may contain HIV that can also harm the child.

How HIV is not spread

The virus can be present in a human being’s fluids. It can be detected in a person’s urine, sweat, or saliva. Although there are traces of the virus present in those fluids, they are not enough to spread the infection around. Therefore, hugging an HIV or AIDS patient, or shaking their hands are not going to make you also infected

The question of “How can you get AIDS?” is still being asked by a lot of people even up to now. This just means how much unaware people are of this disease. The numbers of patients continue to increase every year, and it seems that it is impossible to stop the spread of the virus. It is important to get tested for HIV or AIDS to minimize the risks brought about by them.