Chlamydia is a common sexually-transmitted disease. It is caused by a bacterium that is spread through unprotected sexual intercourse.

The silent disease

Do you know that Chlamydia is often dubbed as a "silent disease"? The reason for this is that it does not always trigger visible signs and symptoms. It may have already infected you for several weeks, but the signs and symptoms are not there. Because of that, it is important to undergo a Chlamydia test.

Symptoms in men and women

But, once Chlamydia symptoms do manifest, here are what you should expect:

- Odd-colored discharge coming from the vagina
- Burning pain when urinating
- Bleeding during sex
- Rectal pain

- Odd-colored discharge coming from the penis
- Burning sensation when urinating
- Swelling and pain in one or both of the testicles
- Rectal pain

Chlamydia testing has to be done the moment these symptoms arise. You can use a rapid Chlamydia test kit to test for the STD.

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