Syphilis is one of the most menacing diseases today. It is a sexually-transmitted disease that can bring about numerous signs and symptoms and then eventually cause severe complications.

It is important for people to be informed and educated about syphilis so that they can be aware of whether they are putting themselves at risk of this infection.

The stages of Syphilis infection

Basically, syphilis is divided into four stages: primary stage, secondary stage, latent stage, and tertiary stage.

The symptoms of Syphilis

One of the first symptoms of syphilis is a lesion that appears either on the genitals, mouth or rectum. It is commonly called a chancre. It is small and painless. It may exist for at most four weeks and then disappear. After that, the patient may not experience anything more. However, this whole thing does not mean that the syphilis infection has been cured. Syphilis is still there and it is just waiting to start the next stage of infection!

If a person fails to get tested and treated for syphilis when the chancre shows up, more signs would appear and manifest. Rashes would pop up on various parts of the body, usually on the palms and the soles. At this point, it is imperative to get tested for syphilis

The third stage of syphilis consists of more symptoms that include fever, muscle and joint pains, headaches, and so on. Now, the patient might feel more discomforts. It only makes sense to get tested for syphilis, speak with a doctor, and receive treatment.

How To Survive A Battle Against Syphilis

Adverse effects of Syphilis on the body

If the disease continues to be neglected, the final stages would bring forth more complications that may afflict the vital organs of the body. Paralysis, slurred speech, coordination loss, nervous system problems, and more may occur. Once this happens, a person should really run to the nearest hospital and get tested for syphilis. He or she can either go through: a Fluorescent Treponemal Antibody Absorption Test, Venereal Disease Research Laboratory test, Rapid Plasma Regain Test, or Automated Regain Test.

You would be doing your body a huge favor by undergoing a syphilis test as soon as possible. STDs such as syphilis are known to be very detrimental and destructive so there is no reason to delay the testing and treatment.