HIV is one of the most notorious sexually-transmitted diseases today. If it is not diagnosed and treated right away, it can progress to AIDS, which is a very dangerous and fatal health problem.

If you want to ensure your and your partner's health, you have to observe any of these preventative measures to make sure that you remain HIV and AIDS-free for the rest of your lives.


The use of protection such as latex condoms every time you have sex (anal, oral, or vaginal) can lower the risks of contracting HIV/AIDS from a partner. It can also minimize the possibilities of spreading the infection to more people.


Not having sex, whether vaginal, oral or anal, is the best and 100% sure way of not contracting HIV. But, for some people, this can be quite difficult. So, there are other options available to them below.

Mutually monogamous relationship

Having only one sexual partner who is also committed to you makes the both of you less prone to contracting HIV and other STDs.

HIV tests

Testing for HIV/AIDS can be done in different ways, but using rapid HIV test kits is the most accessible, convenient, and cheapest of them all. You can simply go online to purchase a certified rapid HIV test kit to be able to test yourself at home.