Regardless of your background, skin color, lifestyle, economic status, and race, you are at risk of getting infected with sexually-transmitted diseases, just like everyone else on this planet. STDs do not choose their victims, and you can easily be one if you fail to observe the proper precautions against these diseases.

High-risk factors

Here are examples of factors that increase a person’s risk of getting infected with STDs:

– Has a history of STDs. Those that have been afflicted with STDs before are more likely to contract STDs again, most especially if they still have not learned anything from their past experiences.

– Has multiple sex partners. The more people you engage in sexual contact, the higher the chances you are getting infected with STDs.

– Drug use. Those that use injections and syringes for their drug addiction are more likely to contract STDs from using shared needles and other paraphernalia.

– Sex with sex workers. While health laws and regulations require sex workers to get tested routinely, there will still be a probability that you can get something from them.

– Has unprotected sex. Failure to use condoms when having sex is exposing you to STDs. It is not all the time that you know 100% the sexual history and background of your sex partner, so do not forget to use protection.