If you suppose that there are chances of being infected with HIV, what you can simply you is a home test, it means that you don’t have to go to the hospital and can easily check whether you are infected or not.The main purpose of HIV tests is to ensure the occurrence of HIV in your body with the help of blood or saliva. There is the latest type of test that is done to check the HIV antigen. A protein that is formed by the virus instantly after infection can rapidly verify an analysis shortly after infection. If the diagnosis is done earlier that may be helpful for prompting people to take extra precautions so that it will prevent the transmission of the virus to others. Different types of primary test are also being done for diagnosing the HIV like:

  • ELISA Test
  • Home Tests
  • Saliva Tests
  • Viral Load Test
  • Western Blot

Test of HIV at Home:

If you are willing to do a home test for HIV antigen, then the first step from where you start by swabbing your upper and lower gums by using the home test kit that is accepted by the Drug and Food Administration. If the kit has shown the positive result is then your next step is to consult the doctor. You can perform this test after every three months especially when you are at high menace to get infected by HIV infection.

Diagnosis of HIV: The diagnosis of HIV doesn’t finish by just checking that whether you are infected with HIV or not. If the result of the test returns positive then you will have to go to your doctor and then he will guide you the treatment and also he will perform series of tests that will be helpful in determining the current stage of the infection. The things that you need to constantly checked are as follows:

  1. CD4 count – This  type of  white blood cell requires to remain more than 200 because once it becomes lesser then the infection can turn into AIDS
  2. A number of viri in your bloodstream – This is helpful in measuring the quantity of virus in the blood.
  3. Virus resistance towards medicine – The function of this test is to verify that how much the virus is reacting to the drugs that you are taking or if it is not influenced all any longer because it has developed confrontation to medicines of HIV.
  4. Complications –when you are taking HIV medications, then you will have to go throughout different tests that will make definite that the body is not undergoing any impediments due to the weaker immune system. The common complications that are being confirmed are Tuberculosis, Toxoplasmosis, Hepatitis, further sexually transmitted infections, damage of Liner and Kidney and infection of urinary tract.
HIV Prevention

Cost of HIV Diagnosis: The cost that is required to undergo the diagnosis and treatment of HIV is not an inexpensive one. If you are working on the regular basis then you might come to know that it costs an arm and a leg. Along with the help that you can get while experiencing such treatment and diagnosis can be:

Private insurance – There are a variety of individuals who have private insurance as offered by their employers or the insurance that they are personally paying.

From the government – There are agencies provided by the government that will help those individuals who can’t afford the cost of HIV treatment and diagnosis