There are a lot of risks that syphilis can bring.

  •  It spreads fast and very easily.
  •  It can bring about much serious harm and damage to our bodies.
  •  It can impair many important bodily organs and parts if not detected right away.

Syphilis is caused by a bacterium that enters our human body through open wounds or during an exchange of fluids that occurs when having sexual intercourse.

According to research and data, syphilis is the third most prevalent sexually-transmitted disease, affecting both males and females, adults and young ones.

Symptoms of Syphilis

The first symptom of syphilis is a sore known as a chancre. It usually appears in the genital region, the rectum, and the mouth. It is painless, so a lot of people tend to ignore it and think it is nothing serious. After about three weeks, this chancre will disappear even without treatment.

The second stage of syphilis begins and brings more symptoms. A syphilis patient will experience persistent pains in the muscles and joints, loss of hair and appetite, and swelling of the glands.

Complications due to Syphilis

Worst case scenario, the syphilis bacteria will start attacking the vital organs including the kidneys, liver, heart, and brain. It will also bring harm and damage to the eyes and can lead to blindness.

So, get a syphilis test before it is too late. There are several different ways to do it, including rapid syphilis testing, which is the most convenient and affordable of all. It can be done fast and it can generate accurate test results.

Some Adverse Effects Of Syphilis